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At Yeoman Storage Ltd we offer an environmentally friendly destruction service, and issue a Certificate of Destruction to certify your papers have been destroyed.

If boxes are marked with a destruction date prior to leaving your premises - Yeoman Storage Ltd. would remind you of the approaching date and upon your written consent would remove the required boxes from store and supervise the confidential destruction of the box and contents without opening.

Similarly boxes or bags of confidential papers can be collected directly from your premises for immediate destruction.

Our environmentally friendly confidential destruction service is offered to ensure that waste documents can be destroyed in the most secure fashion. All documents are processed by a SEAP approved recycling plant. All paper is then recycled within the paper industry.

Approval by the Security Equipment Assessment Panel (SEAP) of the Cabinet Office is gained after inspection of the premises, equipment and staff of the organisation. Once approval is achieved, regular checks ensure best practises are maintained to allow the handling and destruction of confidential data requiring secure destruction.