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Yeoman Storage Ltd is a document storage company. This means that we offer the service of confidentially removing documents from your premises and placing them in our secure purpose built storage facility. At Yeoman Storage Ltd we do everything in our power to keep your documents as safe as possible. We have a 24 hour CCTV system in place, as well as full fire protection. Along with this you can even be safe in the knowledge that none of our other Clients' have access to your documents as we do not allow any of our Clients' direct access to our secure facility. Instead we offer a fast returns and collection service giving you full access to any documents that you request.

We use a fully assessed and approved bespoke administration system that conforms to the standards of ISO 9001:2000. Our system incorporates barcode tracking with our own custom database, which allows for your own naming scheme of archives to be continued. This can vastly reduce your costs as you should not need to reorganise your documents before allowing us to store them for you. If any reorganising is required we are able to offer a full inventory creation service allowing your staff to continue doing the jobs you pay them to do.

The cost of storage is dependant on each of our Clients' needs, but all of the companies we provide services for have realised the true worth of the wasted high priced office space that the filing cabinets or store cupboard full of files have claimed for years.